They're in the walls!
HP 200
ATK 380
DEF 130
GR 90
REP 90
Behaviours Strikes when adjacent, Wall-dwelling, Faces target
For the Classic DROD monster, see Seep.

Seep (plural: seep) are monsters found in the occasional dungeon. Created by the Rooted Empire, their ability to traverse walls makes them an especially insidious opponent.

Description Edit

To call these creatures "simple vapors living inside of walls" makes them seem less deadly then they actually are. Although the Empire has just recently been successful in developing a prototype and are only testing them in selective dungeons, they have already created panic and fright inside of the Guild's halls. Before their existence became known, a smitemaster could always feel a bit safer when his back was against a wall. Now, smitemasters must watch out for their presence, lest they become a victim to the poisonous gas they are.

If a gate is opened while a seep is on it, then it dies immediately. Seep can also be killed like any other monster.

Behavior Edit

Seep are surprisingly powerful creatures encountered while adventuring, and since they primarily live in walls, they can be encountered well before an adventurer is strong enough to combat them.

A seep will make a free attack against the player if he is adjacent to one's location. This can be avoided if the player drinks an invisibility potion.

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