Health potions
Screen Shot 04-29-15 at 09.12 PM
These restore health
Element ID 90 (small), 21 (medium), 22 (large)
Layer Items

Power gems
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These empower the hero
Element ID 50 (ATK), 51 (DEF)
Layer Items

Screen Shot 04-29-15 at 09.28 PM
These open doors
Element ID 86 (yellow), 87 (green), 88 (blue), 89 (skeleton)
Layer Items

Level map
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These reveal the level
Element ID 77
Layer Items

In DROD RPG, the player can find various consumables throughout his adventure. Each item improve the player's attributes or knowledge in some way.

Health potions Edit

Drinking health potions will increase the player's HP. Health potions come in three varieties: small potions grant 15 hit points, medium potions grant 50 hit points, and large potions grant 200 hit points. The item multiplier affects how much health a potion will give.

The player has no maximum health. Therefore, drinking a health potion when available is usually a good idea, since the extra HP can't overflow and be "wasted". However, if the player must soon cross hot tiles or an aumtlich beam which deal percentage damage, it might be wisest to leave potions undrunk.

Power gems Edit

Picking up attack gems or defense gems increases the player's attack power or defense power by one, respectively. The item multiplier affects how much many points of ATK or DEF the player gains.

The player has no maximum attack or defense. Therefore, picking up gems when available is always beneficial.

Keys Edit

Keys are used to toggle doors. Each key can be used once and then is destroyed. Keys come in four varieties: yellow, green, blue, and skeleton. Yellow keys open yellow doors, green keys open green doors, blue keys open blue doors, and skeleton keys open doors of any color including greckle gates.

The player can hold an unlimited number of keys, but the display will stop at 99.

Level map Edit

A level map inscribes all the unexplored rooms on the current level into the player's minimap. Unlike rooms that the player has visited, he cannot click on the minimap to see marked rooms in more detail. The level map simply reveals that those rooms exist. Secret rooms are not marked by level maps.

Picking up additional level maps does nothing.

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