FluffOpaque 5x5
A ball of fluff seen in its natural habitat.
Element ID 103
Layer Items
First appears DROD 5.0
Is brain visible Yes
 Fluff is the coalesced form of puffs, an extremely cold gas immune to most things.

Description Edit

Fluff is a sentient noxious gas, deadly to any living creature that comes in contact with it. Clouds of fluff are essentially inert, but impassible. However, fluff forced into chunks smaller than two tiles wide will break apart to form puffs, which are capable of movement.

Fluff is commonly introduced to dungeons through vents placed in the floor. Where fluff comes from or who first engineered it is not known; it was first encountered by the Rooted Empire in 6982 A.T. by 8th Excavator and his crew.

Behavior Edit

Fluff behaves like tarstuff in many ways. It is incapable of movement, but if it covers at least one fluff vent, then the whole mass grows outward every thirty turns. Fluff can also be formed when four or more puffs come together into blobs of 2x2 tiles.

Fluff cannot grow onto hot tiles and is destroyed by active fire traps and explosions. Fluff can also be destroyed by being eaten by an adder, although consuming a tile of fluff will reduce the adder's length by one.

Fluff can be destroyed by the flat sides of weapons (sharp edges have no effect). It is vulnerable from corners, edges, and inside corners alike. However, when a tile of fluff is removed, it is replaced by a puff. Like tarstuff, any part of fluff that's not at least two tiles wide will dissolve into puffs.

Destroying all fluff is not a requirement for toggling tarstuff gates.

Trivia Edit

  • Although it behaves much like tarstuff, fluff has no known connection to tar, mud or gel. 8th Excavator presumed the Tar Technicians were behind fluff's creation, as they are responsible for engineering globular life forms.

Quotes Edit

  • "Sentient gas? That's stupid. Go away, I'm busy." -3rd Tar Technician in The Second Sky, Braxian Below entrance text.

Known bugs Edit

  • While you can't normally place a potion or potion build marker over fluff, it can grow over a potion build marker, and if an engineer or citizen were to build it then, it won't properly break up into puffs.


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