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84th Negotiator is a member of the Rooted Empire, and one of the few citizens to attempt to effect changes on an empire-wide scale. She serves as a neutral role, both working with the Empire, but also helping Beethro Budkin on his quest.

History Edit

Journey to Rooted Hold Edit

Beethro Budkin appeared to the Negotiator on the Second Level in Journey to Rooted Hold. Being the first member of the Empire that he had seen, Beethro asked her about who was responsible for the expansion of dungeons. She revealed the existence of the Rooted Empire and its primary goal of collecting all knowledge. She tried to explain its actions and intent further, but Beethro could not make heads or tails of her whimsical speech, and eventually ended the conversation before learning much else of value.

The Negotiator promised to send out a Slayer to dispatch him, citing Beethro for trespassing on Imperial territory. The two parted on unfriendly terms, and Beethro was left with more questions than before the conversation.

The City Beneath Edit

The Negotiator came across Beethro again while he was wandering city proper. Beethro, less than amused, quickly earned an apology from 84th Negotiator, stating what she told Beethro was not anything personal. After apologizing, she pointed him toward the Grand Library to satisfy his curiosity, let 186th Guide to show him the way, and helped make it possible for Beethro to get a name in the Empire's system.

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